Company Description: Research Center at Purdue University
Services: Website Design, Website Management, and Website Hosting
Date: December 2013 - Present
Summary: CompuAssists was asked to design, develop, and manage a website for the AirTIES Research Center. CompuAssists not only designed a website for AirTIES, but we also helped develop a web strategy that was instrumental in the Center being selected by the Secretary of the Navy for testing alternative aviation biofuels.

AirTIES Home Page

Testimonial: "CompuAssists led our efforts to develop and establish a website that is both outward facing, so to speak, and responsive to the need for ongoing updates. We value both their knowledge of the available technology and opinions for artistic design. The website continues in development, as CompuAssists' ability to make progress is encumbered only by our ability to respond." - David Stanley, AirTIES Director