Company Description: Colorado Flight School and Aircraft Management Operations
Services: Website Management, Search Engine Optimization
Date: June 2011 - Present
Summary: CompuAssists was tasked with managing Independence Aviation's website and social media effort. We have further expanded the website's capability, enhanced end-user experience, and established an online presence. CompuAssists expanded IA's reach by providing search engine optimization services and integrating effective organic search result strategies. CompuAssists has also played an integral role in guiding IA in the creation of an effective iPad course for use in aviation.

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Testimonial: "We are quite happy with the outstanding services that the folks at CompuAssists have provided. They have provided invaluable assistance to help with the configuration and testing of various features of our website. They even let us know when important updates are necessary and help us through the maze, ensuring our website is up before, during, and after the changes. You can't go wrong with CompuAssists!" - Taylor Albrecht, Independence Aviation

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