Company Description: Assists with Telecommunications, Wireless, and Intellectual Property Needs Requiring Legal and Business Expertise
Services: Website Design & Website Management
Date: Summer 2011 - Present
Summary: CompuAssists was tasked with redoing River Oaks' website, as its previous design was becoming apparently dated. This redesign required redoing the entire theme of the website, reinventing the navigation, and integrating new content.

River Oaks Cable Website Page


"It is my pleasure to write on behalf of CompuAssists. The redesign, creativity and attention to detail given to our website was superb.

Our Website is easy to navigate, contains descriptive information about our company and its principals and includes helpful links. CompuAssists is skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable when it comes to building or redesigning a company's website image.

They are reliable and take their work very seriously. I recommend them highly." - Bob Duchen - Vice President, River Oaks Communications Corp.

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