Custom Computers

Custom Built Computers

CompuAssists provides a service unlike any of our competitors. We will build a custom computer to meet your specifc needs. Whether you need something to handle editing videos from your last vacation or you are looking for the best a gaming rig can offer, CompuAssists can design a computer to meet any of the specifications you desire.

Once you let us know what your specific needs are, including your budget, we take care of the rest, from start to finish. We will make part selections, build the computer, install the operating system of your choice, and fully prepare the system for use. We will even gladly perform any additional software installations at a low hourly rate. The best part is that this whole process can be completed in under two weeks, from the time of the initial consultation to the completion of the machine. Before we send out each machine, we stress-test it to ensure that the machine is problem-free and running at optimal performance levels.

By having CompuAssists build a custom computer to meet your individual needs, not only do you have a final product that best suits you, but on average you save hundreds of dollars in comparison with ordering from a manufacturer. This incredible service is provided at a low flat rate of $179.99, plus the cost of hardware, software, and shipping.