Data Backup

Data Backup

CompuAssists provides a service so that you can rest assured knowing your data is always safe. Data backup is a critical part of multimedia usage, whether it be for your business or for your personal file security. There is nothing more important than protecting the state of your computer, mobile devices, and website through backup services. Backing up your data also provides the ability to transfer your data to a new computer.

We give you the option of having your data stored on one of our external hard-drives or on one of our online servers. Both options provide easy access to your data should it ever be lost. The pricing for our data backup services is as follows:

Up to 25 GB - $4.99/month

Up to 50 GB - $8.99/month

Up to 100 GB - $14.99/month

If you have your own external hard-drive or if you have an extra hard-drive in your computer, we would be more than happy to backup your data to one of these drives.