Our Services

CompuAssists is committed to providing a consistently high level of service. We offer a wide variety of multimedia services to best suit our customers' varying technological needs. If you have questions regarding any services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Web Services

In today's world, it seems that everything we do stems from the internet. The internet is the forefront of your personal and business images. CompuAssists offers website development to build the website of your dreams for your business, non-profit, or personal endeavors. We also offer website management to help you maintain, enhance, and extend your current website. And if you are tired of dealing with an hour long wait for customer service when you have a problem with your website hosting, look no further than CompuAssists.


App Development

It is hard to imagine where we were just a few short years ago without apps for our smart phones and tablets. Not only have mobile applications become a critical aspect of any business' internet marketing strategy, but they also help make our lives easier on a daily basis. Trust in CompuAssists to develop an app to help grow your business. Or if you have the next great app idea, let CompuAssists develop it for you. Whatever your needs, CompuAssists will work closely with you to make sure that the end-result is the application you envisioned.

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Technical Support

Having trouble with your technology? At CompuAssists, we understand that computers and mobile devices can seem extremely frustrating when they don't work the way you need. We have made it our priority to get your devices up and running so you don't miss a beat. Not only will we fix your devices when you're having trouble, but we can also upgrade your devices, install new software, and setup network connections. And if you're away from home or out of the office, we even provide remote service to simplify the process.



Ever wondered why certain websites appear first in search results on Google and you find your website at the bottom of the results? With the magic of search engine optimization, your website can be at the top. CompuAssists will work closely with you to develop a search engine optimization strategy that is customized for your website, leaving your site consistently near the top of the search results.


Custom Computers

Trust in CompuAssists to build you the computer you've always wanted. Whether you need something to handle editing video or you are looking for the best a gaming rig can offer, CompuAssists can design a computer to meet any of the specifications you desire. Just give us a budget, a timeframe, tell us about your specific needs, and let us handle the rest. Getting a custom built computer has never been easier.


Data Backup

Your computer has a lifetime of data on it. Don't let a hard drive failure get the best of your data. No longer do you have to worry about what might happen. Let CompuAssists backup your data and have it ready when you need it. There's no hassle of dealing with setting up online accounts or trying to backup your own data. Just decide how much data storage you need and let CompuAssists take care of keeping your data safe.